[dns-operations] getting closure on dnscap option set

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at isc.org
Tue Oct 2 20:25:02 UTC 2007

so, I thought Paul was going to close this, but it turns he thought  
it was I who would.
ah, well.

here is the final proposal (sorry, randy) and if no one objects  
strongly this is what will get into dnspcap v1.0:

-p : set *non*-promiscuous capture (was -a) [lower case p] (so this  
looks the same as tcpdump)
-u : port (supposedly udp port, if you need something to remember, or  
else -? as andrew suggested)
-b : brief, one line per packet output in a close to fixed size
format (new feature)
-s direction
-m opcode (qnr) : query, notify, response
         [** error reporting is toggled via -e now **]
-w output file (was -b, uses same syntax)
-r input file (was -o)

changes to -q and -r (there is a need for the NOT functionality):

    -a ip address : initiator
    -z ip address : responder
    -A ip address : initiator NOT this IP address
    -Z ip address : responder NOT this IP address

Comments? Before Thursday, please.


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