[dns-operations] Nominum Enables Broadband Providers to Deliver New Subscriber Services with Vantio NXR

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat May 19 11:21:54 UTC 2007

> > 	Presumably they are trying to get you to their sign up
> > 	page but intercepting http would be just as effective.
> > 	DNS is not such a bandwidth hog as to be worth the effort.
> I think this is precisely the point.  Intercepting DNS traffic is
> cheaper because it results in fewer requests per second at the
> interception device.

if dns results in nxdomain because there was a typo, then chances
are there will be no tcp/80 to intercept.  so, to build revenue
around typo's, the interception has to be at the dns level.

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