[dns-operations] Nominum Enables Broadband Providers to Deliver New Subscriber Services with Vantio NXR

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Fri May 18 14:21:00 UTC 2007

> This wouldn't even be news if it wasn't so pathetic/funny:
> http://www.isp-planet.com/equipment/2007/nominum_vantio_nxr.html

as a nominum shareholder, i wish them well.

as an internet user, i hope we can get end-to-end dnssec working within my
lifetime so that nxdomain redirection attempts can be rejected as the
"information spam" they are.  i didn't like sitefinder doing it, i don't like
opendns doing it, i wouldn't like earthlink doing it, and i'm not happy to see
nominum offering it.  but the solution is in our hands -- us, the people who
deploy infrastructure.  registrants, sign your zones!  registrars, accept DS
RRs from your customers and try to push them to the registries in your EPP.
registries, support DS RR in your EPP and sign your zones.  iana, sign the
root.  anyone who can't get their DS RR into their domain's parent should
contact joao at isc.org and ask about DLV.

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