[dns-operations] Client retry behavour?

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at isc.org
Thu May 10 08:39:23 UTC 2007

and the config defaults determining which IPs can get to use the full  
resolver on every machine better be restrictive. there are enough  
open resolvers already.


On 10 May 2007, at 11:33, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 09:20:19AM -0700,
>  David Conrad <drc at virtualized.org> wrote
>  a message of 21 lines which said:
>> I suspect it would make more sense for most everybody to run a local
>> caching server (or "full resolver" or "recursive nameserver").
> A big operational warning: it will seriously complicate DNS debugging
> for the system administrator. Currently, if a customer / user
> complains "Not able to resolve www.example.org", I can dig my BIND to
> see what's going on and restart / fix it if there is something
> wrong. With a big and complicated program, the resolver, on the user's
> machine, all bets are off...
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