[dns-operations] Happy birthday .ASIA

Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Fri May 4 15:01:20 UTC 2007

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> What is the authoritative source for TLDs? I always thought it was
> IANA. Am I wrong?
> % whois -h whois.iana.org ASIA
> Domain asia. not found.  Please note that this whois server 
> only provides information for a very few domains.

If you are looking for the serious answer, it is because the
policy-laden process of getting things implemented into the root has
extra steps between "insert into the root zone data" and "insert into
IANA's whois database" which IANA does not control and sometimes take time.

> May be this is because the IANA and the ICANN do not really exist 

That must be it.


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