[dns-operations] dnscap update

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu May 3 21:06:40 UTC 2007

> > i also fixed the alignment problem marka described
> It does not work for me, my picky 64-bits machine still segfaults. The
> attached patch solves it (you will note I'm an old and conservative
> guy and that I prefer the simple memcpy to advanced C pointer magic).

i should have known that if it wouldn't access unaligned structure members
it wouldn't access unaligned structures either.  your fix is better, and will
be committed shortly.  (note that i only use sizeof(x) when x is a type name,
so i changed your "sizeof(dns)" to "sizeof dns" this time.)

noone has any feedback about my CLI questions?  can i just call this V1.0?

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