[dns-operations] DNS World Conference 2007 (fwd)

Sam Weiler weiler+lists.dns-operations at cyrus.watson.org
Fri Jun 29 15:00:39 UTC 2007

I think this is a make-money-fast conference organizer.

It looks like the same folks who put on another event ten years 
ago[1].  I've spoken with one of the people on the program of the 1997 
event, who confirmed that it had significant scam-like qualities, 
including getting stiffed on travel expenses and being unable to reach 
the organizer after the fact.

Other details look dicey, too: neither I nor Google recognize the name 
of the program chair, and the quotes from him in their press release 
don't suggest a deep understanding of this world.  There's a Ft. Myers 
yellow pages entry for Datanet Security Holdings calling it a web site 

-- Sam

[1] See: http://www.sandelman.ca/ipsec/1997/01/msg00068.html, which 
advertises the "Datanet Security 1997 Annual International Conference 
and Exhibition on Wide Area Network Security".  Both dnswc.com and 
datasec.net (used for the 1997 conference) have the same registrant 
listed in the whois and are registered using Network Solutions' 
Private Registration service -- the address of the domain holder is 
not public.  The 1997 conference announcement includes a fax number 
from a Ft. Myers area code (the old one, before it split in 2002), 
further suggesting the connection.

[2] (239)936-3651, 1919 Courtney Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33901.  That 
address looks like a strip mall.  I haven't been able to figure out if 
"Datanet Security" has a real storefront or if this is just a mail 

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