[dns-operations] Verizon Online to Trial New Web Search Service to Reduce Error Messages

David Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Thu Jun 21 13:35:34 UTC 2007

I'm sure they are really considering the customer's best interest when 
offering this...



Verizon Online to Trial New Web Search Service to Reduce Error Messages 
from Mistyped Queries and Help Customers Quickly Reach their Desired 

On June 11, 2007, Verizon Online will begin the trial of a new Advanced 
Web Search service designed to reduce the amount of dead-end, "no file 
exists" or similar error messages you see and to help you quickly find 
the destination web site you were seeking. If you type a nonexistent or 
unavailable URL (e.g., www.verizon.cmo), or enter a search term, into 
your browser address bar, Verizon may present you with an Advanced Web 
Search page containing suggested links based upon the query you entered. 
The Advanced Web Search page would be presented instead of your 
receiving an NXDOMAIN or similar error message. The Verizon Advanced Web 
Search page may impact applications that rely on an NXDOMAIN or similar 
error message and may override similar browser-based search results 
pages. If you would prefer not to receive Advanced Web Search pages from 
Verizon, you should follow the opt-out instructions that are available 
by clicking on the "About the Search Results Page" link on any Advanced 
Web Search page.

The technical trial will be implemented in the Midwest portion of the 
U.S. - primarily in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. No 
software will be loaded onto your computer to enable the provision of 
Advanced Web Search pages, nor will Verizon collect any personally 
identifiable information in connection with the provision of the 
Advanced Web Search service.

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