[dns-operations] Everyone as root server ? Was: FreeBSD and the slaving of the root zone

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Tue Jul 31 22:48:18 UTC 2007

On 31-Jul-2007, at 18:29, David Conrad wrote:

>> if we renumber, they'll continue bashing the old address for decades.
> No different than current behavior with non-AXFR root service.

Surely, a well-written implementation with a stale hints file will  
query the old address once per reload at most, and after a successful  
priming query, not at all.

A stealth slave of the root zone with a misconfigured AXFR target  
might query the old address once per REFRESH.

We could wave our hands about what poorly-written implementations  
might do, but I'm not sure that would get us anywhere.


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