[dns-operations] Chicago DNS Operations Meeting update

Keith Mitchell keith at isc.org
Mon Jul 23 17:56:11 UTC 2007

A further update on this week's meeting:

> http://public.oarci.net/dns-operations/workshop-2007/agenda/

We've been to visit the venue today, and it is looking in good shape -
very easy to get to from the IETF hotel, two blocks south on State St,
and then enter through the bookshop (venue c/o Hogwart's school of DNS
magic :-) Proceedings start there with lunch at noon on Friday before
the meeting.

I'm pleased to confirm there is wireless Internet coverage in the
meeting room, we're just working out the details of access/logins with
the local campus IT folks. Note however that there are very few power
outlets - we'll be arranging some power strips, but anyone who can bring
along extra extension leads etc would be well advised to and well
appreciated. Webcast and teleconference are also looking good, more
details to follow when these are confirmed.

We're working on, but have not yet confirmed the Friday night social
event - suggestions welcome, though note that the extent to which we may
able to subsidize the cost of this is limited.

Note that with 77 attendees registered we are now past the catering
order cut-off point, but there is still _some_ space for latecomers.

Please can all speakers who have not already submitted their
presentations send them to me as soon as you can, so we can get them up
on the website for remote participants before Friday.


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