[dns-operations] Strange wildcard in ".tm"

Simon Waters simonw at zynet.net
Thu Jul 19 11:15:02 UTC 2007

On Thursday 19 July 2007 11:18, Michael Monnerie wrote:
> Now, I get a DNS response, but no server answer (which doesn't matter).
> Strange is, why did I receive an error at the first try?

The "*.sh" (?!) delegation has a lame server in it, which isn't going to help 

The one (of two servers) reachable from here returns some very 
perculiar DNS answers, hehe let us hope no one is susceptible to accidental 
poisoning these days.

ns1.communitydns.net. is the cause of your issue I think - giving different 
(better? NXDOMAIN) answers for "*.sh".

But with 2 of the name servers for sh unresponsive, and 1 of 2 for the 
wildcard down, and some evil hack going on with the DNS server software, I 
think there is a more general maintainence issue here. 

i.e Does anyone who manages these actually monitor that they are working?

I didn't look at the IPv6 answers -- I think they have enough issues with 
getting IPv4 working.


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