[dns-operations] FreeBSD and the slaving of the root zone

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Aug 1 05:20:22 UTC 2007

At 19:45 31-07-2007, Doug Barton wrote:
>It's probably also worthwhile to put what this change means in a
>larger context. This change is in the default named.conf, but named is
>off by default in FreeBSD. Users have to take an affirmative step to
>enable it, and they are of course able to make changes to named.conf
>as they see fit. I included the instructions in the comments on how to
>change back to a hint zone if they would prefer. And while I'd like to
>think that there are probably "millions" of FreeBSD users out there,
>only those who enable named and use the default conf file (or at least
>this part of it) will actually be slaving the zones.

Users tend to use the default configuration provided by the 
vendor.  Once they have named enabled, they will forget about 
it.  The comments highlight the advantages only.  What would be the 
impact of the change in a larger context, i.e. "millions" of users 
who have it enabled?

>Yes, it is theoretically possible that all 5 roots that are currently
>offering AXFR would stop, but I don't see that as likely. I certainly

In the unlikely event that it should happen, it would not be possible 
to push a change in configuration to the legacy systems out there.


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