[dns-operations] tcpdump question

Kim Minh Kaplan kimminh.kaplan at nic.fr
Wed Apr 25 15:03:21 UTC 2007

Paul Vixie <paul at vix.com> writes:

> one of these things is not like the other.
> # tcpdump -n "host ( 2001:4f8:3:bb::1 or 2001:500::1035 ) and \
> 	udp[10] & 0x2 = 0 and udp[11] & 0xf = 0"
> tcpdump: expression rejects all packets

My man page says "Note that tcp, udp and other upper-layer protocol
types only apply to IPv4, not IPv6 (this will be fixed in the

Kim Minh.

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