[dns-operations] k.root-servers.net

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Tue Apr 10 12:53:08 UTC 2007

On Apr 10, Simon Waters <simonw at zynet.net> wrote:

> Probably nothing, but I've had a few message over the last 2 weeks, all 
> about "k.root-servers.net" from recursive server running BIND 9.2.4 (Debian 
> Sarge).
> Just me? Known issue?

I get these messages all the time on my authoritative name servers
(running rbldnsd or BIND) from multiple clients, e.g.:

Apr  9 22:01:49 khan kernel: UDP: short packet: From 60/52 to 213.92.xxx.yyy:53

This has been happening forever AFAIR, and I think is proportional to
the rate of received queries.


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