[dns-operations] [Nst] A Case Against DNSSEC (A Matasano Miniseries)

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at centergate.com
Thu Apr 5 14:57:14 UTC 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 6:39 AM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> Anyway, I think I've said enough in this thread.  Thanks for the more
> complete detail.

I don't know that you've really gotten the complete concept, and  
actually appreciate the benefits. I guess I'm in the fortunate  
position of having seen it work. And in light of the success, and in  
the absence of any alternative solution (and by the way, with over  
20gb of provisioned bandwidth, I don't believe I have ever claimed  
that the Shield approach was a replacement for provisioning), I'm  
staying the course.

If you have a constructive alternative, lot's of people are all ears,  
especially me. Send code.


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