[dns-operations] SUSPECT: Re: A Case Against DNSSEC (A Matasano Miniseries)

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Thu Apr 5 12:59:02 UTC 2007

On 5-Apr-2007, at 04:34, John Kristoff wrote:

> The article says this:
>   "The end-to-end argument in system design. It says that you want to
>   keep the Internet dumb and the applications smart."
> That is a common summarization of the e2e principle, but not a
> correct one and it causes no end of confusion.

I saw that, too. I think the approach is better attributed to David  
Isenberg than to the end-to-end principle (which is more concerned  
with the absence of middleboxes between communicating devices).


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