[dns-operations] "EarthLink Criticized for DNS Redirects"

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This is definitely a trend. There is substantial money to be made by the
ISPs off the add revenue by doing this redirection. I'll leave the
philosophical discussion of whether this is good or bad thing to others.

However to your point, once the basic technology is in place to do this
redirection, there is a lot of opportunity to use it for security
purposes. This includes redirection of phishing sites, but also
redirection of other types of DNS queries (botnets) to honey pots sites.

I think this is a little different than the port 25 blocking that has
been done for spam. However given the antispam benefits achieved by
blocking port 25, a think even larger benefits can be achieved by a
similar blocking of port 53. In other words allowing (consumer)
customers to only access a specific set of DNS caches provided by the
ISP.  This allows monitoring of the DNS traffic of malware patterns, and
prevents these cheap accounts from being used for DNS abuse.


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So is this a trend? There has been talk among SPs I've been working with
to have all broadband customers go through their "port 53"
infrastructure - much like Canada who has all customers go through their
"port 25" infrastructure - for the same reasons - another tool to
mitigate security nonsense and possible lead to cleaning up violated

Something like this would allow SPs to DNS poison phishing sites -
redirecting the gullible victim to a page that would help (hopefully)
get more clue. 


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