[dns-operations] Vista and DNS traffic

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Sep 6 23:44:26 UTC 2006

Roy Arends wrote:
> Finally, and most importantly (in the sense that Mockapetris should  
> know better): Most of the work done to service the IPv6 request, is  
> cached and available to service the IPv4. To complete a DNS lookup,  
> you have to locate a particular server, known as the authoritative  
> server for a domain. The same authoritative server that hosts the  
> IPv6 (AAAA) record also hosts the IPv4 (A) record. So even if Vista  
> sends twice the traffic, the upstream nameserver is certainly not  
> experiencing twice the load."

 From my experimentations with Vista, like most other resolvers, it 
sends request for the AAAA, waits for the answer, if none requests the 
A, thus the solution to this 'problem' is simply to have IPv6 deployed 
everywhere and to have all labels carry AAAA's ;) Next to that fact 
indeed that the upstream is a cache anyway and most popular destinations 
will reside in that cache.

Fear Uncertainty Doubt or more appropriate to US media: terror 
propaganda... keep people scared and they won't touch it.
I wonder how much some silly "news" items have on stocks.
But at least they got into the news which nicely gives it another 
negative side "more packets". If they would simply turn off 1 NNTP 
server they would save the traffic that DNS does in a month ;)


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