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David Ulevitch david at opendns.com
Wed Oct 4 16:52:04 UTC 2006

I can't decide if I'm afraid or impressed.  Both, I suppose.

This seems like it works similar to Dan Kaminsky's Paketto Keiretsu's  
"scanrand" scanner which separates the sender and the receiver...


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> From: "Arley Silveira" <arleybls at hotmail.com>
> Date: October 4, 2006 3:59:44 AM PDT
> Subject: TXDNS 2.0.0 Beta
> Hi,
> I'm very excited to release TXDNS 2.0.0 Beta.
> This new version features a distributed model which will further  
> boosts TXDNS's parallelism and performance. This model allows a  
> TXDNS client to send jobs to a TXDNS server over a TCP channel.
> Let's take a look on an example. To put a TXDNS host on listening  
> mode you may issue the following:
> > txdns -l
> By default TXDNS listens on port 5353. On the client side you may  
> post any query jobs to the host by just appending -c xx.xx.xx.xx to  
> the regular query syntax (where xx.xx.xx.xx is the host's IP  
> running TXDNS on listening mode), for example:
> > txdns foo.com -rt -t -c xx.xx.xx.xx
> Using -cr instead of -c will force the TXDNS server to redirect all  
> output to the client, so basically you get the results from the  
> server's job right on the client console. Note that file system  
> streams are not redirected, which means that any file switches (-f  
> or -h) will still have the remote host as root reference.
> Some few options are still under development and evaluation, those  
> are:
> -u, --proto-udp Force UDP. Defaults to TCP.
> -k  --key <string> Shared-key to authenticate and encrypt the channel.
>     --clear Disable encryption (client takes precedence ).
> ..so don't expect them to work.. :-)
> A new --countdown option has been added as a very basic  
> synchronization mechanism, and by default, any jobs, no matter  
> remote or local will now delay for 5s before firing. If you want to  
> bypass this countdown delay you'll have to add '--countdown 0'.
> As usual ( :-) lol ) I also removed some few bugs, so I hope you  
> find this version much more stable and reliable.
> File smalllist.txt has also been updated with few more common use  
> names.
> I look forward for your feedback.
> Cheers and have fun,
> Arley Silveira.
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