[dns-operations] any interest in a DNS operations BOF at NANOG in Toronto?

Keith Mitchell keith at isc.org
Thu Nov 30 17:27:24 UTC 2006

Joe Abley wrote:

> Per $subject, if there is interest in this, let me know and I can  
> propose something while the CFP is still open. (Or, if anybody else  
> is keen to propose something, I'll happily provide advice/support if  
> needed/wanted).
> Suggestions of short presentations that might be useful to seed BOF- 
> like discussions would also be interesting to hear.
> I realise that a BOF can't hope to cover the same kind of ground as  
> (say) an OARC meeting, but since there will likely be DNS ops people  
> in Toronto for the meeting anyway, it seems reasonable to explore  
> whether it's worth sitting down in the same room in some kind of  
> organised fashion.

This could be an opportunity for airing some of the more
operationally-interesting presentations we had at the OARC meeting to a
wider audience, though I suspect the short time between the meetings may
not lead to a lot of new material (but good if it does).

BTW, all the presentations from the OARC workshop are now available at:

Note this includes some closed-session presentations and other material
available only on the OARC members' website. We hope to have videos
available shortly.

Happy to help Joe organize a dns-ops BOF at NANOG if people would find
that useful.


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