[dns-operations] Cooperation from companies like cpanel to close recursors..

Ameen Pishdadi apishdadi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 03:38:08 UTC 2006

I mentioned this in one of my emails last night, so i thought i'd mention it
again this time with it more in focus with the subject.

These days with the increasing amount of dedicated servers out there with
companies like theplanet, ev1 and others. They usually come with some sort
of control panel like cpanel, plesk, ensim.

I am not sure about plesk or ensim but i know that cpanel does nightly
updates and pushes to servers with it installed. I am pretty sure that
cpanel is probably one of the most popular control panels out there.

If we could convince cpanel that it would be in there interest to push out
an update that would close the bind servers that the software installed with
open recursivness i think we would eliminate a huge chunk
of open servers in one swoop. Just an idea, if anyone has anything to add
let me know. I think cpanel would be more pursuaded by those who have names
more well known then me.
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