[dns-operations] "it's like having a pizza delivered to a friend's house as a prank."

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Mar 23 15:48:51 UTC 2006

At 22:02 +0000 3/22/06, Paul Vixie wrote:

>the internet has always been self-governing entity independent of any national
>government other than for funding.  this will be a sea change, the end of a
>very interesting childhood.  a sad day for us all.

I disagree about it being "sad."  No more sad than the day a child 
leaves the house to start their own life.

I said this to someone a year or two back - if at the end of this 
road, no one wanted to take the subsidized playground that the 
Internet had been [1] and turn it into a professional, 
self-sustaining entity [2] used as a "political football" by the 
powers that be [3], then my and our efforts were pretty much 
worthless or at best exercises in self-gratification.

We're innovators.  Embrace change.

I am not saying that we ought to give the Internet over to the 
"powers that be."  We have work to do to keep the Internet from 
breaking while the Internet becomes more important to non-engineers. 
A lot of education - on both sides - is needed.  Don't see what is 
happening as a "sad" thing, but as a rite of passage.

[1] The Internet today isn't largely subsidized, but it once was. 
There is still some, but the percentage has fallen.

[2] positive spin

[3] negative spin
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