[dns-operations] does anybody know why yahoo+akamai are doing this?

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Mar 21 19:25:09 UTC 2006

At 18:38 +0000 3/21/06, Paul Vixie wrote:

>see above.  RFC 1034 should say "if the CNAME chain leaves the zone, you don't
>have to add an NS RRset other than the one for the last zone it exited."  but
>isn't this really a topic for namedroppers@ rather than dns-operations@ ?

That would be a namedroppers issue.

I can understand why this suggestion ought to be considered.

To tell the truth, I think that CNAMEs are "followed" at all in the 
4.3.2 algorithm is a flaw in the protocol, although this does cut 
down round trips for in-zone or in-server CNAMEs.  We need to 
re-balance the tradeoff of what's good for the protocol design versus 
what's good for operations.
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