[dns-operations] does anybody know why yahoo+akamai are doing this?

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Mon Mar 20 14:18:43 UTC 2006

Matt Pounsett wrote:
> On 20-Mar-2006, at 08:55 , RLVaughn wrote:
>> Ah Akamai!  I am much behind Paul on depth of understanding, albeit,
>> I will pro-offer the following, mostly clueless, attempt at an
>> explanation.
> I'm in the same boat r.e. depth of understanding, but doesn't that  seem 
> awfully redundant?  The nameserver doing the lookup should go to  the 
> roots anyway, assuming it hasn't already cached referrals  for .net or 
> akamai.net.
> Matt

I read it as lame delegation:

Yahoo says "I am not responsible for www.yahoo... Ask the root-servers"

Best practice put their servers into the bogon list and ignore them.
Repeat for all the other idots too.

First they sourced out their asses. Then they sourced out their brains.
Let us put their ashes into the dust bin :)

I can safely put them onto the bogon list. Spares me a lot of spam too.
But if I had customers ...


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