[dns-operations] DNS deluge for x.p.ctrc.cc

Nicholas Suan nsuan at nonexiste.net
Wed Mar 1 20:01:23 UTC 2006

Geo. wrote:
>> Actually, the way to stop that is to place the filters on the router
>> between the ISP and the client. Putting filters on every router isn't
>> really necessary if you filter at the edge, instead of trying to do it
>> somewhere in the middle. Most networks that I've seen, do the filtering
>> there anyway.
> If you filter at the edge, then all the client machines on your network
> (which can be a lot if you are an ISP or decent sized business) are capable
> of spoofing your dns servers as some remote IP address.
Er, no. The clients would be on edge of  the network. The 'edge' is just 
an area where my network interacts with a something that isn't mine.

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