[dns-operations] af.mil DNS issue

Geo. geoincidents at nls.net
Fri Jun 30 20:17:28 UTC 2006

> The additional information, IIRC, is information that the name server
> which you are querying just happens to have.  In your case, you are
> asking for the names of the name servers.

Actually, after half an hour on the phone I've learned that they really are
purposely blocking access from the netblock that our names servers are on.
Someone told me this the other day but it made no sense because one of the
servers had cached the information so it appeared to be working within the

Here I am trying to figure out why one name server works and the next one
doesn't and looking at all the weird stuff they have configured with a
handful of authorative servers and it's a physical firewall blocking it.

And when I ask why, the answer is "we can't tell you, shhhhhhh..".

Geo. (god I'm glad it's friday)

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