[dns-operations] What is the most pressing need for DNS these days?

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Jun 27 16:03:18 UTC 2006

There have been a lot of technologists pushing solutions to DNS 
problems.  In recent days the IETF has begun reviewing the DNAME 
record and someone pointed out that the work ought to be delayed 
until we get the important stuff done first.  In this context, DNSSEC 
is the important stuff.


DNAME is one proposed tool to 'solve' internationalized domain names 
(IDN).  Not a firm decision, but in preparation the defining document 
of DNAME (RFC 2672) has holes and needs to be fixed.

The comment that the IETF ought to stick to the important stuff first 
stuck with me.  So I want to ask, in an operational setting, what is 
the important work needed for DNS?

Is DNSSEC more or less important than progress on IDN, for example? 
Has DNSSEC been worked into the ground so long that time has passed 
it by?  What about security concerns in general?  What's a pain in 
the protocol that can be overcome?
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