[dns-operations] too outspoken?

Graham Miller graham at gmcs.com.au
Sun Jul 16 23:26:43 UTC 2006

Michael Parson wrote:
> I've been lurking here for a few months, it will take more than a
> lively debate to chase me off.

I also have been lurking for some time. And enjoying the content. Like
Michael, I also do not understand all the technology discussed, but that is
why I am here too. To learn what is important and how to be a responsible
netizen when hosting domains and running DNS servers.

Lively debate will certainly not chase me off either. When it degenerates
too much, I just get to know which subjects and posters to simply delete
unread. Not hard.

> I don't think using
> subscription rates of a (free) mailing list is necessarily a valid
> marker for the success of the list.  Maybe those that left realized
> that this maybe isn't the list they thought they needed.  Maybe they
> just never learned how to procmail their lists into separate folders
> and don't like the clutter in their inbox.

There could be any number of reasons why people left the list. I do not
think that is a good reason to enforce measures that will curtail spirited

I've been a member of the qmail list for years and the conversations can get
pretty personal and heated over there.... but at the end of the day,
something good usually comes out the other side and we all get a little
wiser. Sometimes we just recognise when not to listen to someone <grin>.

>> i'm willing to investigate rate-limiting for "mailman", such that
>> anyone who tries to post more than twice per day or five times per
>> week will receive a submit-bounce. but before i investigate that, let
>> me suggest to all of us that we chill out, carefully consider our
>> positions, generally avoid point- by-point rebuttal, stop repeating
>> ourselves, and keep the number of posts per day and per week down to
>> two and five per person, respectively. ("please.")
> I'd be against such a limit.  As long as the discussion doesn't fall
> to name calling and the like (a few of these have treaded dangerously
> close), a lively exchange of ideas can be healthy for the list and
> the subscribers.

I agree. It probably just needs a gentle prod from the sysadmin every now
and again to curb the rush of blood. Sometimes the heated discussions can
either show us how much the person really believes in the idea, or it can
also show how little they actually know about what they are talking about.

> Back to lurking.


And thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas with all of us. Hopefully
one day, I will be more than just an egg, and have something technical to


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