[dns-operations] Quick anycast primer

Igor Gashinsky igor at gashinsky.net
Fri Jul 14 19:16:28 UTC 2006

:: For instance, you are a very large provider who spans the globe.  You  
:: see several instances of an anycast NS called XYZ.ns.
:: You are personally sitting in Washington DC.  Your network peers with  
:: providers announcing XYZ.ns in DC, London, NYC, SJC, Tokyo, etc.  But  
:: it turns out the guy in Tokyo has the lowest IP address, and  
:: therefore won the tie-breaker since the AS_Path Length was the same  
:: to all the instances.

Uhm, what gear do you use that doesn't do "Closest IGP metric to BGP 
next-hop" before "Lowest RID" during the best-path selection? Obviously, 
your topology may be different then mine, and if you send different 
MEDs that would cause a simmilar scenario to the one you mentioned, but 
then it was *your* decision to do so..  As I said, YMMV, but it works 
rather well for me (and a few million of my users)...


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