[dns-operations] Too Open (Was: OpenDNS makes your Internet work better

Per Heldal heldal at eml.cc
Fri Jul 14 12:47:40 UTC 2006

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 05:46:05 -0500, "Brad Knowles"
<brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> said:
> All I'm saying is that when you play these kinds of games on the 
> "Internet Wild West", odds are that sooner or later it's all gonna go 
> pear-shaped for someone, somewhere.  All we can do is try to help 
> reduce the probability of that happening, and try to help reduce the 
> amount of damage that will occur when it does happen.

So, unicast sites never go pear-shaped? That's new to me ;)

Statistically a properly maintained anycasted IP service provide better
reliability than unicast. Most anycast constructs are also made to
improve performance. Thus, adding unicast-servers as you suggested
earlier may cause performance-degredation for those request that go to
the unicast destination. Given that you can't prioritise one NS instance
over another, does it really make sense to add unicast hosts if you
already have multiple anycasted hosts?

  Per Heldal

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