[dns-operations] Too Open (Was: OpenDNS makes your Internet work better

brett watson brett at the-watsons.org
Fri Jul 14 04:40:53 UTC 2006

On Jul 13, 2006, at 9:23 PM, Nicholas Suan wrote:

> We really don't seem to be disagreeing on anything. Perhaps I should
> have been a bit clearer in my last message and said "This was not the
> case with UltraDNS, as both IP addresses in the NS records for org.
> were being anycasted from places that were unreachable, and there were
> only two NS records for the domain."

this suggests a fundamental lack of understanding of how anycast can/ 
does work, though.

i challenge you (a friendly challenge, mind you) to try and discover  
how many "instances" of f-root or k-root or ultradns servers exist on  
the global internet and where those instances are geographically  
(roughly). not impossible of course, but not easy and likely your  
answers will not be accurate.

you seem stuck on the concept that "ultrdns had only TWO  
authoritative name servers listed for .org" when in fact the number  
of authoritative servers listed for a zone in an anycast environment  
has *no* bearing on how many resolvers are actually active and able  
to resolve queries.


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