[dns-operations] ICANN and DNS

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Jul 7 17:17:52 UTC 2006

Seeing that there's a latent ICANN - DNS thread here and not wanting 
to muddy up that...

Is there any feeling that ICANN, by fostering a commercial 
environment over the operation of DNS, has caused a slowdown in 
technical innovation or even operations innovation?

I ask this because I see fewer and fewer new DNS topics being raised 
in technical fora.  I have speculated that this might be because once 
investment rolls in, it's best if the underlying technology be stable 
even if it is suboptimal.

Other reasons could be that we've saturated DNS as it stands with 
respect to technical features.  Further enhancements might only be a 
sign of us making for ourselves.

If ICANN is stablizing, or stagnating (depending on your point of 
view), DNS, is there any way to copy what happens in the automotive 
industry?  Innovation happens there despite or because of regulation, 
insurance, legal, and pure market-driven competition.   Should that 
be copied into DNS, or into the Internet in general?

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