[dns-operations] PowerDns Recursive Daemon

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Thu Aug 31 22:24:27 UTC 2006


Thanks for your post, I found it very informative. I have followed the
development of PowerDNS with interest, although admittedly from a distance.
I agree that code diversity is a good thing, and in my current situation I
want to be able to make good recommendations to my clients about where they
should be looking, so I wonder if you'd indulge a few questions. If the
responses are more appropriate off list, please feel free to go that route.

Given that the performance of PowerDNS has been discussed, my main area of
interest is the standards compliance. The web site says that it "is written
from scratch and conforms to all relevant DNS standards documents." However,
I can't find any documentation on which standards y'all feel are relevant.
:) I'm particularly interested in the following:

Does it work over IPv4 TCP?
Does it handle EDNS queries, and if so how?
Does it use EDNS for queries?
How do you handle the CD bit?
Is it capable of doing DNSSEC, and if so, does it handle the current (bis)
What are your development plans for handling NSEC<blah> when the dust settles?
I assume at this late date that it handles AAAA records, but does it work
over IPv6 transport (TCP and UDP, listening and querying)?

Of course, if there is documentation for these questions somewhere, feel
free to point me to that rather than typing it all up again yourself.



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