[dns-operations] NXDOMAIN vs NODATA for suffixes of existing name

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Apr 14 12:12:05 UTC 2006

RFC 1034, 4.3.2, step 3, part c, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sent.:

"If the name is original, set an authoritative name error in the 
response and exit."

"NXDOMAIN" is shorthand for "name error."

At 11:15 +0200 4/14/06, Florian Weimer wrote:
>Suppose we've got the following zone contents:
>    example.net. 1728000 IN SOA ...
>                 1728000 IN NS ....
>    a.b          1728000 IN A
>A query with QNAME=b.example.net., QTYPE=A, QCLASS=IN returns NODATA
>with some authoritative server implementations, and NXDOMAIN with
>others.  IIRC, the former is more correct, but I can't find out why.
>RFC 1034 is almost silent on this issue (although the algorithm in
>section 4.3.2 does not require returning NXDOMAIN in this case).  I
>used to think that RFC 2308 required NODATA, but after reading
>section 2.1, it seems that it doesn't, either.
>Could anybody please provide the definite reference in favor of
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