[dns-operations] darkly funny -- ntp trouble at d-link

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Sat Apr 8 02:36:21 UTC 2006

You may also note that some products not listed in that article are affected
also, and some have been discontinued but many will still be in service
and/or usage.


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At 9:40 AM -0700 2006-04-07, Barry Greene \(bgreene\) wrote:

>  Why EFF?

	Because they could help with the legal issues of suing D-Link in the
US on behalf of a person who works on open-source projects and who is being
seriously abused by them.

>            FIRST should be notified. In fact - IMHO, all big
> operations  should require FIRST.ORG membership
> (http://www.first.org/about/organization/teams/). It fixes the problem
> of not know who to call in a vendor.

	FIRST should probably also be notified, but that's obviously not
going to change D-Link's behaviour, so I don't see that as being of top
importance.  D-Link management obviously knows about this issue already, and
they've decided that it's better to rape and pillage the little guy for
their corporate benefit.

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