[dns-jobs] ccTLD noted (Slashdot/BBC), MIT mentioned

Charles Thompson safeprivatemail at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 19:40:09 UTC 2020

Yet a average joe can get a job: i've seen nobody's on reddit with 0 skill
claim get told "read the phoenix project book" by their new employer and
enter DevOps. I can't do it for some reason, with some skill and elite
mention. but I am here, again, as I develop skill toward that, because I'll
never give up. I'll always be here. I'm here because I have the ccTLD
experience, and could use a good $300-500+ job. BIND9 book is at the local
library. I could tie in some of that to some project here.  I tried
Craigslist but it is a waste of money they don't take me seriously and ask
me to hack their ex's gmail or offer me $20 to travel 1 hour across town.
Not professional and not sustainable. safeprivatemail [at] gmail.com
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