[dns-jobs] ISC - Systems and Networking Engineer

Ray Bellis ray at isc.org
Thu Sep 5 22:01:41 UTC 2019

Systems and Networking Engineer

We are looking for a Systems and Networking Engineer to join the team 
responsible for the operation of our network of DNS Root Servers which 
form an important part of the global Internet infrastructure.

This is a remote working role, open to applicants from most countries. 
Some international travel will be required with potential site visits, 
occasional industry conferences, and also to our annual “All Hands” 
meeting usually held each Spring at our HQ in Redwood City, California.

Participation in a 24x7 on-call escalation rota (expected to be one week 
out of every five) will also be necessary.

Salary negotiable depending on experience.
NB: Strictly no agencies - in person applications only.


Applicants must have at least 5 years of experience with:

- UNIX systems administration
   - FreeBSD preferred
   - Strong scripting skills (shell and/or Perl)
- Configuration and operation of BGP4 and IP routing with
   Cisco IOS and JunOS
- Knowledge in software routing stacks such as BIRD and

Configuration and operation of BIND DNS servers, as well as a strong 
working knowledge of the DNS protocol itself.

Applicants must be able to speak and write English fluently.

Useful Additional Knowledge

Experience of a significant subset of the following is desirable:

- Server provisioning systems (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Terraform)
- Configuration and management of monitoring systems (e.g. Nagios,
   Cacti, Netdot, SNMP, Zabbix as well as third party monitoring
   tools such as RIPE Atlas, Thousand Eyes)
- Virtualisation technologies (esp. VMware, but also Docker,
   FreeBSD Jails, and Xen)
- DNS protocol extensions (e.g. EDNS, DNSSEC)
- VPNs and IPSEC
- BGP Anycast, peering, and interaction with RIRs (ARIN, RIPE, etc)
- Experience with centralized authentication infrastructures such
   as Kerberos, LDAP, RADIUS and TACPLUS

Applications can be made at:


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