[dns-jobs] Looking for Linux/BIND server work through De Anza College.

Charles Thompson safeprivatemail at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 22:40:49 UTC 2019

Hello from San Jose, CA:
DNS potential expert here I have the DNS/BIND O'Reilley book at the local
library and a laptop.

I had root on 11 ccTLDs in 1999-2001. I was the 1st person to own a .TW
first level. That article talks about the event that happened to me when I
was just 16 years old. My website is www.starboy.me. I'm looking for
$200-500+ projects involving Linux and BIND that can get me an income for
food and stuff through my LinuxAcademy and De Anza College "Intermediate
Python Programming" and "Advanced Linux" courses. I'm trying to take on
DevOps roles in Silicon Valley.
I'm filling a skills gap meanwhile. I'm almost out of it, got advancements
going down for myself and am deserving of some money.

This is a place for DNS and related professionals to find work, so I expect
no complaints about my seeking part time freelance here.

Charles Thompson
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