[dns-jobs] looking for work

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sat Sep 17 14:53:33 UTC 2016

I am currently looking for a new job. Part-time or temporary projects 
may be fine too.

For the past 8.5 years I have worked for a DNS development and support 
company. I worked front line for levels 1 through 3 customer support for 
large DNS organizations, such as hosting hundreds of DNS servers or 
resolvers servicing millions of clients. I assisted with courseware 
development and taught fundamental DNS skills, DNSSEC, and advanced BIND 
training courses. I designed, developed, deployed, and managed 
continuous integration build, test (using many in-house, third-party, 
and external code and protocol auditing tools), and DNS performance 
systems with over 40 operating systems and over 150,000 reports 
generated. (My performance suite was generic and was used against 
various DNS server implmentations.) As a software release engineer, I 
solely released over 30 releases of our next generation DNS software (as 
part of this I worked with DNS experts from five different high-level 
DNS organizations), plus assisted or managed over 30 releases of our 
legacy DNS software. I developed and followed detailed processes for QA, 
releases, and security incidents. I participated in many DNS protocol 
and feature development planning meetings. I also managed a QA team 
responsible for a (separate) Jenkins-based DNS (and DHCP) build and test 
infrastructure. I managed and edited our new generation guide and 
(outsourced) DNSSEC guide. I extended and maintained our official DNS 
admin documentation.

In addition, to that employment, I started professional DNS 
administration 18 years ago. I professionally taught many system 
administration courses that included BIND and DNS administration skills, 
and gave various DNSSEC lectures at multiple events. I co-founded an 
active Unix sysadmin related certification and co-authored (and 
published) multiple books related to open source Unix. I serve on the 
NetBSD board of directors (and have commit privileges to multiple open 
source projects).

If you know of any opportunities or would like to see my resume, please 
let me know.


Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. DNS classroom trainer, DNS tech support, DNS sysadmin, DNS QA, DNS 
releng, DNS documentation, DNS books, ...

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