[dns-jobs] ISC are looking for another BIND Developer

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Thu Mar 5 17:56:57 UTC 2015

Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) is a public benefit company
whose mission is to support the infrastructure of the Internet.  In
pursuit of this goal, we have a team dedicated to developing open-source
Internet infrastructure software.  Our main product is BIND 9, the
Internet's most popular DNS server, and we also provide ISC DHCP, an
implementation of the dynamic host configuration protocol.

We are looking to extend our BIND 9 development team and require an
experienced software engineer with a strong background in networking.
This engineer will be a core part of the team, working on both
maintenance and new features. While the initial need is for BIND 9, ISC
software engineers can move between projects over time.

Among the responsibilities of this position are:
- Working with the team to design and develop new features
- Tracking down and fixing bugs
- Reviewing code changes
- Assisting release engineering
- Assisting project planning
- Analyzing and responding to bug reports from a variety of sources
- Participating in organisations such as the IETF to develop Internet

Required Skills
- At least five year's experience with C development
- Strong familiarity - including administrative experience - with
Unix/BSD/Linux operating systems
- Very strong knowledge of networking, both from a theoretical as well
as a practical standpoint
- Experience with the Berkeley socket API
- Experience with threads and locks
- Knowledge of the DNS protocol

Desirable Skills
- Familiarity with UML
- Experience with Windows network programming
- Knowledge of DHCP protocol
- Specific experience with ISC core products: BIND, ISC-DHCP
- Experience with C++
- Working knowledge of the Standard Template and BOOST libraries
- Familiarity with open source tools and working environments

Educational Requirements
Bachelor's Degree in a scientific or technical subject.

Anywhere.  Although ISC is located in Redwood City, California (USA) and
a number of staff are based there, many of ISC's staff work from their
homes throughout the USA and the rest of the world.

This position is open to anyone regardless of nationality, and is
suitable for home working. Note that occasional travel to the company's
USA offices will be required.

To learn more about ISC and its critical role in the Internet community,
visit http://www.isc.org.

To apply for this post, please send a copy of your CV to jobs at isc.org.

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