[dns-jobs] Contract/Temporary Technical Writer at ISC

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Fri Jul 4 15:04:47 UTC 2014

Position Description: Contract or Temporary Technical Writer
Length of Assignment: 6 months
Reports to: QA Manager

Company Description
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) the custodian and distributor of
commercial quality Open Source software for the Internet Community. ISC
provides world-class professional services based on our software. Since
1996 ISC has led the industry with the most complete reference
standard implementation of DNS software. ISC also provides a reference
implementation for DHCP.

* Our customers use DNS in their network, invest in open source
infrastructure and the global internet.
* Our customers use BIND and/or ISC DHCP in their network, requiring
support agreements - and expert guidance on making the most of their
* Our customers' business is dependent on people finding their web
site, and ISC can help enhance their business continuity.

More About our Business
Managed Open Source means that users benefit from community ideas,
while quality and compliance are the responsibility of professional
software engineers.

* ISC provides a number of Operational Programs and Services that
benefit users of the Internet directly and indirectly. Since 1994, ISC
has operated F-Root (one of the 13 root DNS servers) as a public
service to the Internet.
* ISC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation dedicated to
supporting the Internet community with software essential to its

Job Responsibilities
The primary focus of this job is to improve existing user guides and
manuals and write new ones. Qualified candidates may work remotely, as
long as they supply their own equipment.  A successful candidate will
be able to work with a high degree of autonomy and successfully manage
competing priorities. Applicants with knowledge of Internet
architecture, especially DNS and/or DHCP are strongly preferred.

Required Skills and Experience
* Experience documenting low-level software
* Working familiarity with the practical details of DNS and/or DHCP
(preferably both)
* Able to effectively acquire, synthesize and present technical
* Fluent English speaker & proficient with written English
* Proven ability to work collaboratively with a variety of
cross-functional teams and individuals as needed
* Self-motivated, with excellent time management skills
* Ability to work within assigned deadlines

Desired Skills and Experience
* Experience with DocBook or similar markup language
* Experience installing and operating either DNS or DHCP services
* Familiarity with DNSSEC
* Experience with using Unix
* Familiarity with IPv6
* Proven ability to work effectively with abstract concepts
* Experience documenting C programming language APIs
* Experience working in an open standards / source environments
* Experience with version control applications like Git
* Post-secondary education

Essential Functions
* Computer keyboard skills (50% time)
* Reading, editing and written communications (30% time)
* Telecommunication (20% time)
* Lifting limited to 15 lbs

All qualified applicants should reply to jobs at isc.org
Be prepared to submit a sample of your work.
Position closes on 25th July 2014.

Dr Stephen Morris
Senior Director of Software Engineering
Internet Systems Consortium
stephen at isc.org
+1 650-423-1316

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