[dns-jobs] Plenty o' jobs at Verisign

Sean Leach sleach at wiggum.com
Thu Apr 21 13:07:12 UTC 2011

Hey all,

I will put a link to our career page here (even though the navigation is pretty terrible) but we have a lot of DNS jobs open as you can imagine.  At last glance I see 69 total jobs (some of those are sales, accounting etc.) but we have a lot of jobs in several positions that would be pretty fun for a DNS geek.  There are openings in operations, our provisioning development (UI, API etc.), working on ATLAS and the resolution technologies, iDefense analysts, as well as some Labs roles.

Having been in a few DNS-related companies in the past (I will let you figure out which ones those are) I can say that Verisign is a pretty awesome place to work.  It's amazing the technical clue we have at all levels of the organization.

Anyways, check us out.  The link is:



Sean Leach
VP, Technology - Network Intelligence and Availability

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