[Collisions] OARC Mailing List Cleanup

Matthew Pounsett matt at dns-oarc.net
Thu Mar 5 22:02:10 UTC 2020

> On Mar 3, 2020, at 15:38, Wessels, Duane <dwessels at verisign.com> wrote:
> I'm in favor of decommissioning the list, but I would like to see the archives remain available.

I’d have to see if we can figure out a good way to do this.

The Collisions list is public, as are its archives, but when a list is removed it disappears from the list of lists at the main index[1].  Once removed from there, although the archives are still reachable, there is no longer any link to them, so they’d be hard to find at best.  I expect they'd eventually expire from web searches as well, with no way for the indexer to get there.

The only two options I’ve thought of off the top of my head are:
1) Add a link somewhere off OARC’s web site.  Not ideal since that’s not likely to be the place anyone would go to look.
2) Instead of deleting the list, just lock it down, and remove all subscribers so that nobody continues to get spammed with subscription reminders, etc.

Matt Pounsett
DNS-OARC Systems Engineering

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