[Collisions] OARC Storage Servers Update, fs2 Issues

Keith Mitchell keith at dns-oarc.net
Mon Jun 30 16:50:14 UTC 2014

The good news is that after a productive week of maintenance work in
Redwood City last week, we have now brought on-line over 200TB of new
storage capacity for OARC data.

Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished, and shortly after completing
this work, a problem we thought we'd addressed with our now-oldest
storage server, fs2, recurred, and it is currently out of service.

The bad news is that this contained the working copy of the DITL2014
data that you have been accessing. Fortunately we of course have another
copy of this, which is on our newly-commissioned StoragePod, fs1.
However, we're presently waiting for the FS grow operation initiated
after we upgraded fs1 to full capacity last week to complete, and we
won't be able to bring it online for another 2+ days. So I'm afraid
that in the meantime it will not be possible to access the DITL2014
data, and ask for your patience in this.

It should still be possible to bring fs2 back into service, but this
will require an extensive re-build from system backups.

We'll issue further updates as we work to resolve this, our apologies
for any inconvenience meantime.


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