[Collisions] "controlled interruption" - 127/8 versus RFC1918 space

Jeff Schmidt jschmidt at jasadvisors.com
Fri Jan 10 19:13:01 UTC 2014

>>>What studies exist to confirm that (say) won't attract
>>>network traffic from a host?
>>Sorry, don't understand the question -- unsure what 'attract network
>>traffic' means. Do you mean whether anyone has looked to see if hosts
>>will accept traffic off the wire at (say)
>The other way round -- what hosts, when presented with a destination
>address of, might send traffic to the network, despite the
>requirements of RFC 1700?
>I would hope the answer is "none". But I have seen strange things in the

Heh.  Indeed.  We're lab testing this now and will have additional data in
our full report.  The short version is that most stacks seem to exhibit
one of three behaviors.

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