[Collisions] Datasets to use for older years

Kevin White kwhite at jasadvisors.com
Thu Sep 26 19:18:32 UTC 2013

Roy, what data did you find missing in CLEAN?


I'm really conflicted now on what the "right" way to look at this data is.




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Thanks for the clarification on how the CLEAN data sets differ from RAW,


The CLEAN directories sound like they're a much better data set to work from
for any analysis that is not comparing directly against the Intersite




On 2013-09-26, at 3:02 PM, "Wessels, Duane" <dwessels at verisign.com> wrote:

You should be able to find CLEAN data for every year, if you prefer that.
FYI the clean data differs from the raw data in the following ways:

  - files begin and end on consistent time boundaries.
  - pcap files have the same datalink type.
  - Any non-root traffic is removed.

If you prefer to work with the RAW data make sure you pay attention to the
server's IP address during the analysis.  In some cases non-root-trafic
has been known to "leak" into the DITL data.  Also there were times where
J-root data was uploaded as A-root, and perhaps vice-versa.





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