[Collisions] Datasets to use for older years

Roy Hooper roy at demandmedia.com
Thu Sep 26 18:40:13 UTC 2013

I found that RAW didn't include many of the bad queries that we needed to analyze.

The only org to root-name I recall off the top of my head is  ripe => k-root, which affected 2013 and 2012, as it was not renamed like the rest.


On 2013-09-26, at 2:30 PM, Kevin White <kwhite at jasadvisors.com<mailto:kwhite at jasadvisors.com>> wrote:

I’m doing some work that may involve going back in time farther than we did originally.  So, I’m trying to make a map of which files to use from the start.  Here is what I have:

my %years = (
    '2013' => '/mnt/oarc-pool2/DITL-20130528/RAW',
    '2012' => '/mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-20120417/RAW',
    '2011' => '/mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-20110412/RAW',
    '2010' => '/mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-20100413/RAW',
    '2009' => '/mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-200903/CLEAN-ROOTS',
    '2008' => '/mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-200803/CLEAN',
    '2007' => '/mnt/oarc-pool3/DITL-200701/CLEAN',
    '2006' => '/mnt/oarc-pool3/DITL-200601/CLEAN',

The first 4 are good: each of those has, in the “RAW” folder, folders for each root that participated, as well as folders for other participants.

The final 4 seem to have the RAW files grouped by organization.  I had to move into the folders listed there to actually find folders grouped by root.

Is that right?  Is it safe to use those CLEAN (and CLEAN-ROOTS) folders to get the same kinds of data we used for 2013 and 2012, queries just to the roots?



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