[Collisions] Old root server addresses?

Kevin White kwhite at jasadvisors.com
Wed Oct 9 20:18:50 UTC 2013

They come from lots of files, but here's one each: -> 1131709 ->
93000.001396.pcap.gz -> 1128991 ->
5000.000762.pcap.gz -> 18574 ->
/mnt/oarc-pool3/DITL-200601/RAW/isc/pcap/sfo2/20060110/134803.985796.pcap.gz -> 3212 ->
7.pcap.gz -> 2914 -> /mnt/oarc-pool4/DITL-20120417/RAW/m-root/ditl/MROOT-CDG/20 -> 2061 ->
731575.pcap.gz -> 1028 ->


I'm not sure how useful a larger "distribution" of source/file might be.  If
it would be helpful, I can crank out some more code.







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On Oct 9, 2013, at 7:35 AM, Kevin White <kwhite at jasadvisors.com> wrote:

Obviously, the first two are the largest potential ones.  I have in my list, for g-root.  .1 and .2 are likely also valid, but I
can't find anything really strongly stating so. -> 1131726 -> 1129014 -> 18574


I'm fairly certain this is an internal (non-anycast) address for the F root
server.  I've noticed that sometimes the internal addresses leak out. -> 3212 -> 2914


Similarly, this is a non-anycast address for "M". -> 2061 -> 1028


Might help (if you have it) to list which data file (or directory) these
were found in.






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